To All New Vegans: Vegan Nutrition Basics

Sam Harris recently announced on his Waking Up podcast that he is considering going vegan and would like some help with regard to vegan nutrition.

So Sam, if you’re watching, I hope you find this video helpful. And for those of you who are not Sam Harris, but are also interested in how to go vegan healthfully, this video should help you, too. 🙂

*Waking Up with Sam Harris: The Dark Side*


*Vegetarianism (animal use vs animal exploitation)*

*Vegan Nutrition Basics*

*7 Habits of Happy, Healthy Vegans*

The 7 Habits of Happy, Healthy Vegans

*Daily Recommendations (Jack Norris)*

Vegan Health Front Page

*Vegan =/= Fad Diets
Raw till 4:

*Getting Started (Transitioning and Meal Ideas)*

Making the Vegan Transition

*The Vegan Atheist Forum*

*Support a rational vegan community*


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